…in conversation

Two days ago when I was to leave the office a co-worker said to me: ” I love having conversations with you! You are a good story-teller and you have a great sense of humor!” In full humility I thanked her! My co-worker, whom I fondly call Tita Rose, is 20 years my senior and it is humbling to be described by her that way but what she said next landed me in front of my PC to create my own blog site: my ever-endearing Tita Rose told me:”You know what?! If you are a good conversationalist you are also a potential writer! Why don’t you put in writing what you tell us everyday? In the internet! create a blog of your own! We fell in love with AlDub because you made us like them by your trivia about their personalities their true characters based on what you read and see in them (Oh YES! I am an avid AlDub fan and a staunch MaiChard shipper)  thus this… my very first blog post!

For those AlDub – MaiDen – MaiChard fans, I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and for non AlDub – MaiDen – MaiChard readers I hope I get to introduce them to you in a whole different way that you’ll also get to love them the way my co-workers did!

…and where it all started

My co-workers and I at the LGU-Social Welfare Department we worked in, have a great noontime bonding… what else but watching Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye! Aside from the fact that our clients find comfort in their trying times by laughing out loud at the antics of The Explorer sisters as they inter-act with the Broadway panel and the kilig (to my surprise our clients of all ages really feel the kilig) brought by the love-struck pair of Alden & Yaya Dub. It’s a bit of an ice-breaker for all of us. Clients of a local social welfare department undergo various trials in their life and encounter numerous social problems along their way. They seek help and counselling from our willing and able social workers but they seem to forget all of it by mere watching KalyeSerye!

What will my blogs be about?

From the intro you’ll know… this blog will all be about AlDub – MaiDen – MaiChard (ayan ha pinagsama sama ko na) I will try my very best to be objective on my views as much as I can but pardon me if my blog would also contain articles in defense of Alden-Dub, Alden-Maine, Richard Jr-Nicomaine because every true blooded member of the AlDub-MaiDen-MaiChard Nation would! We would all come to their aid and shield them from OneSidedFans, OneSidedBashers, Negatrons, Fantards and paid demolition teams!

Let our AlDub – MaiDen – MaiChard ship continue sailing!


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