The Show I Grew Up & Fell In Love with Twice

Growing up with Eat Bulaga

Practically Eat Bulaga is of the same age as me (YES! If your mathematical ability is at par with the contestants of Teacher Alden’s Classroom Superstars, you got my age right Buhuhuhu ūüėĘ).

TVJ with Chikee Hollman and Richie D’Horsie forming TY

¬† I grew up watching Little Miss Philippines (and even dreamed to be one, joke on meūüėĚ)

Little Miss Philippines Ryzza



I even went to EB with¬†my elder cousin’s dance group supporters when they joined their break dance contest and true enough, I watched the shows development parallel with time.




I also got the privilege to listen to the show’s theme song change over time¬†from ūüéĶsila Tito, Vic & Joey kasama rin si Coneyūüé∂


ūüéĶsila Tito Vic & Joey si Aiza at si ConeyūüéĶ




to the latest version ūüéĶsila Tito Vic & Joey barkada’y dumarami! Silang lahat at nagbibigay ligaya sa ating buhay!ūüé∂

The Break-Up

The show’s co-hosts came and went, some retired, some did “career-wise” moves, some passed-away while others took a different career out of showbiz¬†¬†yet the staying power of the show with¬†TVJ as its pillars is still up there standing tall and ready to conquer all!¬†eb006

I learned to love whoever come as¬†new co-hosts of EB because I love the show period! Pero yun na nga, tumatanda tayo at kasabay ng pag-usad ng mga taon ng EB, I grew up and eventually became a professional and took my own career path, that’s the time¬†EB & I¬†have¬†to (temporarily) part ways…

Years passed and¬†I only got a few chances to watch EB’s Saturday episodes and some Juan for All-All for Juan segments over YouTube coz aside from TVJ and Madame Ruby Rodriguez, I am also a huge fan of JoWaPao especially Jose’s antics and wits! Here’s one of the examples from EB’s YT Channel

But there really came a time that I never got any chance to watch at all! Since I never got to watch them regularly, di na din ako updated sa kanila, pati kung sino na ang mga latest addition sa hosts. In short, me and EB’s relationship went from cool off to a total¬†break-up¬†ūüė≠

The Reconciliation

I thought I’ve¬†already gotten¬†over my love for the noontime show that is¬†a¬†year and a half younger than me (another clue of my true age¬†ūüėÜ) — but not until July 16, 2015 came…

My migraine got me feverish that day and I had to call the office informing them of my sickness, said to myself: I’ll sleep the whole day and just lie in bed doing and worrying about nothing!

YES! I did lie in bed but I wasn’t able to sleep! Now… what?! Grabbed my TV remote and pressed my favorite¬†cable channels but can’t find a good movie or documentary to watch so I just browsed until I chanced upon my first love, yeah… my mind may have forgotten but my joyful, fun-loving and antic lover heart leaped out in joy!

Seeing Jimmy Saints, Allan K and Henyo Master Joey sitting on the panel introducing the Dabarkads on remote. Once again I found myself glued watching¬†Eat Bulaga. The excitement grew more when I saw that JFA segment is on location at Olongapo, Zambales which is my father-in-law’s hometown that I also learned to love.

Saw Jose and Paolo bantering, they were hilarious as ever, witty even. Para akong bumalik sa pagkabata ko, that’s where I realized I missed watching the show live! And here comes the Wally Bayola dressed as an old Donya riding in a manual boat and with him… who was that?! a newbie portraying Lola Nidora’s nanny?! I don’t really know her. Where did she come from?! Those were just the questions running in my mind, questions that I easily¬†forgot the moment I saw JoWaPao on the other side of the split screen exchanging jokes and answering EB Problem Solving questions, they never fail to entertain me really!

And then this pretty lass with a seemingly elastic face started¬†lip syncing songs and movie lines – to my surprise – I seem to understand her¬†even if she is not speaking! What’s with this girl playing nanny yet¬†has more supple and smooth skin than Donya Nidora?! She can’t seem to stop serving the snob¬†Donya¬†by holding¬†that fan up & down her¬†poker face to cool her down?! The wacky nanny is¬†tiny framed but charming and adorable!

And this guy, this guy!!! (again dahil break nga kami ng EB at halos lahat ng GMA shows) who is he?! Ang cute nya! He looks like an angel with a dimple!

The camera keeps on focusing alternately between the wacky nanny and this dimpled lad until… BOOM! I will never forget their natural reaction towards each other:

The dimpled lad obviously was amazed at how the nanny crumples her cute face; while¬†the nanny (who’s pre-instructed not to smile and laugh) suddenly went out of character and became¬†all giddy with the sight of the cute lad (who wouldn’t?! he is irresisitably cute!). The nanny whom I came to know – answers by the moniker Yaya Dub – and the guy?! I just knew his screen name when Allan K¬†shrieked “Yieee! Yaya kinikilig ka kay Alden! Lumalantud ka Yaya!”

Reunited and it feels so good

After years of separation from my break-up with EB, I found myself rekindling my love for the show, its host and the segments I so miss! Thanks to the cute-wacky-nanny named Yaya Dub and this angelic faced lad named Alden, they made me fell in love with Eat Bulaga for the second time and no one prepared me from the fact that this second chance at love would make me fall hard. I am reunited with my all-time favorite noontime show and it feels so damn good!!!